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Welcome to the Anomabo Beach Resort!

One of our roomsThe resort is located at Anomabo, 116km west of the capital of Accra, off the coastal road. The town was once a major slave-trading centre and has one of the many castles that dot the Ghanaian coast. The fort has been used as a prison, but is now a tourist site.

The name “Anomabo” translates literally as “bird rock”, coming from a rock outcrop just off the shore of the main village that seabirds nest on seasonally.

The resort sits in a unique coconut grove just off the main east-west coastal highway, and is very accessible. The architecture of the resort was chosen to have minimal impact on the natural beauty of the grove.

The view looks out to the bay and the Atlantic beyond with a clean, white sand beach. The water is very clean and usually calm. During February, March and April leatherback turtles return to the beach to lay their eggs.

There are good sized waves for body-surfing and the local fishermen will take you in their canoes for a fee.

A short drive away you'll find the Elmina Castle, Cape Coast Castle and the rainforest canopy at Kakum National Park.

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